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about-stoolsThe stools which were designed by late MAGDA GERBER are one of the essential articles found in every RIE center. They are perfectly suited for toddlers since they do not need a back support and also, the stools give children the freedom of movement which square and regular chairs do not. Infants can also use them as tables and adults can sit on them comfortably of they use two of them on the top of each other.


about-tablesThe tables come in three shapes: Square, round and kidney-shaped.

The square and round table are mostly used at homes, but are often used at centers or schools too. Which shape you choose will be a matter of preference. Teachers like the kidney-shaped table because they can have several children sit around her for either eating or playing. Parents also often order this table because they see it at the school or center and their children are used to it.

The table legs can are easily interchangeable or dismantled for storage.

Standard leg length is 11.5in., making the table top 13in. high. This is the size we recommend for use with our stools.

Short legs (6.5in. long) are an option, suitable for infants who are still too small to sit on a stool and use the table when sitting on the floor. It makes the table top 8in. high.

If you order our tables with the short legs option (for infants) you can also purchase a longer set of legs (our standard length) so that the tables continue to be used when children outgrow the infant-sized table.

As an extra request, at the same price, if you’d like longer legs instead of our standard 11.5in., we can make them for you in any length you prefer. There is a charge of $40 plus shipping for any additional set of legs.

Climbing Structures

about-climbing-structuresThis item is also called PIKLER TRIANGLE and is one of the most versatile and thus one of the most useful items for developing motor skills in our line for toddlers to five year olds. It gives children a chance to develop all sorts of skills appropriate for their age. Climbing on the bars gives them sense of place of their body in space where they have an opportunity to test, retest and perfect their climbing abilities using all their limbs and body.

The climbing ramp is especially interesting to them. They have the choice to adjust the climbing angle depending on their ability and courage, as well as to choose smooth part of the ramp or the one with rungs. Variations are many, suitable for beginner athletes as well as advanced ones and everyone in between.

Given children’s imagination, the climbing structure and the ramp can have many uses originally not designed for, like a house, just throw a sheet over it, make a barrier between one part of the room and another, tunnel and a passage to somewhere else. Hanging clothes to dry or just hanging them. Decorate the climbing structure for holidays or hang presents on it. Use the ramp as a slide or barrier or connect two climbing structures with it. Use it as a board to tape children’s artwork on. We’ll leave it to your imagination.

NOTE: The distance between rungs in all climbing structures is 3.25 inches according to regulations.

The climbing structure comes in four versions:

  • Solid triangle. This version is usually made for the local market since it is awkward to ship.
  • Collapsible version, suitable for frequent transportation or storage.
  • Mini climbing structure for beginner athletes.

Climbing Arch

Screen-Shot-2015-04-05-at-22.4.44-PM-300x202 Climbing Arch is a variation of the triangle and is one of the favorite Pikler designs.
It is just as versatile as any of the other climbing structure. Use your imagination.

NOTE: The climbing arch is shipped unassembled. The dowels need to be placed into predrilled holes using a little force . A rubber mallet or similar tool can be used to completely drive the dowels int the holes. The electric screwdriver with bit is preferable but not necessary to drive provided Philips screws into predrilled holes.

Platform/Box and Ramp

about-platform1about-platform2The platform and ramp are simple but they provide excellent practice of motor skills for up and down movement for toddlers. The platform also represents a “territory to conquer” and to keep for themselves or to share with others. The ramp is used by children who want to approach the problem slowly with somewhat more time and less of a risk. Others climb right up but would rather come down the ramp. Choices are there to teach them to use the ones best for them. The platform is simple but very effective.

The platform comes it two sizes and can also be used as a box to climb into, keep stuff in, sleep, play or work in, all in their own enclosed space. It’s uses are endless.

Steps/Rocking Boat

about-steps-boatUsing this item as a set of steps, it will become a favorite of little “crawlers” as well as those who are not very steady on their feet. They will go up and down and over and back again until they can do it with “their eyes closed.” This is a great precursor to taking on real and somewhat higher and more numerous and intimidating “real” steps.

As a rocking boat it is recommended for the kindergarten age where they can have fun together with their friends. Learning how to play with others and that a child in a the group is just as important as the other one for “keeping balance.” This translates into many other areas of life where they will have to depend on others as well as to be there for them to facilitate success in play, work and ultimately life itself.

Boxes and Playframes

about-boxes-playframesBoxes are more than play objects. They can and are often used as furniture. Stack many of them together, and every child has his/her locker. Use them individually and children will endlessly put objects in it and keep taking them out.

The box with a circular opening can be used as a little house/hiding place as well as something to crawl through. Optional peepholes provide, well, something to peep through.

Frames can be used individually to crawl through, as an entrance to somewhere else or as a box. Put several together combining them with boxes with a crawl hole and you have a labyrinth. Again, uses only depend on your and your child’s imagination.


Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.33.42 AMThis swing is reminiscent of my childhood. I had one at home hanging from the door frame in our apartment. Of course, you can also use them outside.
They are not used by RIE practitioners or Waldorf Schools, but I used to have so much fun on these that I just had to reproduce it.
Please do not put infants in this swing. They may slide out of it.
The ropes, although thin can take 170 lb each! All hardware is included.

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