About RAD Children's Furniture

Here is what happened when a finish carpenter (Radomir Samardzic)—who designs and builds custom furniture and cabinets—was discovered by RIE® Associates, Schools, and Parents:

Radomir Samardzic in his workshop.

Radomir Samardzic in his workshop.

In 2006, Radomir’s wife, Antoinette, became a certified RIE® Associate after she went with a friend and her daughter to observe Hari Grebler’s Parent/Infant class. Antoinette was struck by the gentle, respectful way the facilitator interacted with the babies and resolved to learn how to do so herself. (RIE is a leader in allowing children to unfold their own gross motor, fine motor, and social-emotional development, by designing RIE® environments.)

The parents in Antoinette’s class discovered that her husband, Radomir, was a skilled furniture craftsman and they asked that he build furniture for their children to the RIE® specifications and . . .

Radomir started building exquisite children’s furniture, first for friends and family, and then friends of friends, until his workshop was bursting at the seams. Then he went online where he now offers this custom-built children’s furniture to other “educarers” who want the best toys and furniture for the children in their schools and homes.

  • In 2012 RIE Children’s Furniture goes live!
  • In 2013, after finding other professional woodworkers to support production, Radomir and Antoinette created the first RIE Children’s Furniture manufacturing company in Los Angeles.
  • Each piece of furniture we create is meticulously crafted to the highest standards of woodcraft and children’s furniture, and to the even higher authority of grandparents everywhere.

About RIE®

The “Educaring Approach” is based on the principles of Magda Gerber, founder of RIE® (Resources for Infant Educarers®). It is a comprehensive approach to caring for babies and is based on PIKLER approach, developed by Emmi Pikler in Hungary while she was caring for orphan infants after WWII. Respect for the babies’ innate curiosity and wisdom is the basis of this approach which has proven to have lifelong positive impact.

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