Furniture Care Guidelines

Congratulations on purchasing handmade furniture from RAD Children’s Furniture!

When you receive your furniture, please immediately check the packaging for damage before opening it. If you suspect damage, click HERE for the UPS Damaged Package Claims Process.

How to take care of your furniture:

Below are some pointers that will help your furniture last a long time so that it can be handed down or resold when you are finished with it or your child or children have outgrown it:

  1. The furniture is meant to be used indoors. Although it can be taken outside so that children can play in their yards, a playground, deck, or other outside area, please bring it back inside between playtimes. Lengthy exposure to UV light, as well as the effects of dew, rain, snow, or too much sun, will significantly reduce the useful life of your furniture.
  2. If your furniture gets wet, just dry it with a soft cloth as soon as possible and let it dry out.
  3. Your furniture has been sealed with a non-toxic, colorless, water-based polyurethane sealant. Over time if the finish deteriorates it can be easily sanded and refinished.
  4. The furniture is meant to be used by children, so is built to be sturdy. However, we’ve found that parents and care-takers sometimes forget that it’s not built to bear more than 40 pounds. If you use any of the tables or stools as a step stool for even small adults, we cannot promise that it will survive intact.
  5. Your furniture is designed to be used close to the ground, so do take care not to drop it. All wood will break on sufficient impact. While it’s designed to be played with in whatever way children’s imaginations guide them, we’ve found that dropping it from a height sometimes results in cracked or broken pieces.


How to assemble the Climbing Arch:

Please FULLY read these instructions before you start assembling the Arch.

The disassembled Climbing Arch comes with thirteen 1-inch diameter dowels and two sides.

The dowels fit snugly into the holes, so make sure they are all the way in when assembling it.

  1.  Put all the dowels in the holes of one side of the Climbing Arch.
  2.  When done, place the other side of the Climbing Arch on a flat hard surface with the holes facing up.
  3.  Turn around your previous assembly and fit each dowel into the corresponding holes starting at one end.
  4.  Tap the top of the side of the Climbing Arch with a hammer so the dowels go all the way into the holes. (see NOTE A)
  5.  The screws are provided so screw them back through the existing holes on the sides. (see NOTE B)

NOTE A: In order not to damage the side with a hammer, place a flat piece of scrap board, on the surface on which you will use the hammer, as a protection. or use a “dead weight hammer” if you have one. You can also use a little wood glue but it is not essential.

NOTE B: Before you put the screws in make sure that the whole assembly with all four points is touching a flat surface.

All parts of the Climbing Arch have already been sprayed with a protective non-toxic finish.


If you have any questions or would like any further information, we encourage you to be in touch.

Phone: call me at 310-266-8973

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