Earth Friendly, Baby-Safe Toys

Our toys are made from California Farmed Sugar Pine. The glues and finishes that we use are all made in the USA and are non-toxic. I am proud to say that we are “Earth Friendly and completely Baby-Safe!”



Our Fire Truck. This tough truck will get you to the fire in style. It comes complete with 3 removable ladders and 2 Firemen. We stock it in the traditional red, but it can be made in the color of your choice.
18" long x 7" high x 6" wide.




The Jumbo Block Truck is our "ABC truck," but it is hauling a load of colored wooden blocks. It's a great dual purpose toy. You can haul your load of construction blocks to the jobsite and build your structure. And as all of our toys the blocks are colored using a non-toxic water based acrylic finish.
22” long and 4.5" wide



Our Jumbo Log Truck is just like the log trucks you see on the road. When you are finished hauling your load to the mill and have off loaded your logs, the trailer disconnects and stacks on the cab just like the real ones. But just a little note, if you have dueling siblings the logs hurt when swung at high speeds.
21" long and 5.5" high.



Farm Tractor and Trailer
Then add the trailer (not shown)
to hall the milk cans or honey barrels
and you have a great farm vehicle.

Tractor is 6” long and when you add the trailer, together they are 15” long.

$24.95 tractor


$39.95 tractor and trailer



The Jumbo ABC Truck: This truck is built to last and hauls a load
of 26 colored blocks,
the complete alphabet.
It is perfect for 2 year olds and up and is nearly indestructible.
22” long and 4 ½” wide.




Animal Express: 3 feet of total fun. Be the first person to start that special little someone with their very first train. The cars are all detachable and the animals come 2x2 or an assortment of 6, there is even an engineer. “All aboard!”
36” long and 5” high.




 These beautiful
Butterflies Bookends for girls
can be personalized,

just give us her name.




These cool Train Bookends for boys
can also have his name on it.

Just let us know what it is.




Wooden Biplane:
The picture tells the story. If your little one looks to the sky for the planes its time they have their own.
Available in all colors including pink.
A pilot is included too.
16” wide and 12” long.




Noah's Ark
Complete with 36 animals, Noah and wife!

Lot of peaces to play with and use them with other toys as well.




Small Zoo Truck:
This version of our zoo truck
is a great on the go toy.
Complete with
an Elephant, Giraffe and Kangaroo.
This truck is in "small" category,
but in fact it is quite large,
but surprisingly light.

Sometimes you just can’t leave home
your Zoo Truck.
12” long and 10” high.




Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 20.18.59 PM

California Express, the ultimate train.
Not shown with cars connected
because it is over 6 feet long!

Here is what you get:
•Locomotive with engineer •Tender car which can carry some goodies of your choice •People car carrying 6 people •Animal car carrying an and a Giraffe •Barrel car carrying 8 barrels •Log car hauling logs •Auto carrier hauling a cute little colored car
and Caboose of course.
72” long and varying from 4” to 7” in height.






Joe's Waste Management.
This is a custom made item.

It comes personalized
with your child's name,
e.g. "Scot's Garbage Truck," or
"Susan's Waste Management," or ...



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